Onderwerp: Online and physical worlds merge in Chrome Web Lab

14 september 2012

B-Reel and Tellart explore how the physical and online worlds come together in Google Creative Labs project, the Chrome Web Lab. Web Lab is a series of interactive experiments hosted within the London Science Museum as an interactive exhibit. Users can experience the Web Lab project in museum, or live online at The idea behind Web Lab is to illustrate the extraordinary workings of the internet and inspire visitors about the possibilities of the web. We explore the makings of Web Lab, and look at the underlying technologies that were used to construct the project. From machines to interfaces created with the latest features of HTML5, Javascript and WebGL.

Spreker: B-reel

Roger Pala,
Creative Technologist of B-Reel.

Lins Karnes,
Managing Director and Executive Producer of B-Reel.

Matt Cottam,
Cofounder and CEO of Tellart and Adjunct Professor of Umeå Institute of Design.