Onderwerp: Social Computing

16 june 2010


Spreker: Ralph Das

Ralph Das, was born in Amsterdam in 1982. As a kid he always wanted to become the next Leonardo da Vinci, searching the links between art and technology. What started with Lego Technics in the attic ended up with multi-touch computers at art-school.

Ralph graduated in 2007 at the Utrecht School for the Arts on the subject of physical computing with his Master thesis 'Touching the borders between me and virtuality'. While graduating, Ralph worked together with Harry van der Veen, later founder of the 'Natural User Interface Group' (http://www.nuigroup.com) in Sweden. Ralph is currently involved in process of the starting up his own technology company called SENSUS.

He continues to research and investigate new territories of interaction design and works together with various groups, think-tanks and organisations . He is actively promoting the use of physical computing in a wide range of sectors like education and health care.